Sharing data to make aviation safer

Promoted by a complete spectrum of the top EU aviation, safety and ICT entities, SafeClouds aims to improve aviation safety based on big data tools.

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Safety first

In the years ahead, air traffic is expected to keep growing. This could either compromise safety or exponentially increase the costs of meeting strict safety standards. SafeClouds demonstrates how data analytics, state-of-art ICT and safety intelligence can help to accommodate higher levels of traffic, increasing safety and reducing costs.

Data sharing

The aviation system is currently structured around a number of “data silos”, mostly isolated from each other, that interact very little due to legal, technical and commercial interest issues.

SafeClouds is born with the aim of changing this situation, paving the way towards a new paradigm, where aviation safety is primarily based on data and data is more actively shared.

Data analytics

The more data shared, and the smarter the techniques, the more secrets it’s able to reveal to us. Some patterns only emerge when the data is properly analyzed. Some systems only reveal their underlying dynamics when the picture is complete.

With this goal in mind, SafeClouds counts on the support of EASA and a a full spectrum of aviation stakeholders (airlines, airports, air navigation service providres, Eurocontrol, research entities and safety agencies). The resulting and unprecedented coordination of datasets will make it possible to apply new data science tools to aviation safety, it will make it possible to have the complete system.

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